Sign Up for Free Rewards Programs

Yes, I know, it seems like EVERY store or restaurant today has implemented some sort of frequent shopper or rewards program.  However, the good news is that these programs are all usually FREE to join and, upon sign-up, frequently come with some sort of coupon or reward to use towards your first purchase!  So, the best way to do this is to sign-up for a new email address that will serve as your junk email address.  You should use this email address for these programs to keep track of all your memberships so that you’re not getting a bunch of junk at your personal email address.  This will also make it easier to print coupons and even cancel these memberships if you no longer shop there.

I’m also finding that texting programs are becoming the new trend for easy and convenient rewards program sign-ups.  If you have free texting this is my choice pick for getting those mobile coupons.  There is usually a short code (5 or 6 numbers) that is unique to the company and you text a “key word” to the number which signals your interest in the program.  You will then get a reply asking to confirm a step or two by text.  Very easy and quick.  I have gotten a lot of deals by following these programs.  My new go to move whenever I’m in a new store or restaurant is to ask about any rewards programs.  More than likely there is a program of some sort and I can usually be certain to save some money just for signing up.

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