Let me give you a few insights that I have about successful Couponing

    1. First, always have fun!

      Couponing can be stressful in the beginning.  You will sometimes have issues at the register with coupons not scanning or cashiers being unwelcoming.  However, just like with anything else in life, there are ups and downs.  I can assure you that you will enjoy this so much more if you begin couponing with a great attitude.  Do not let a cashier or store policy upset you.  Always be nice.  Don’t give the cashiers or store employees a reason to hate couponers.

      Nothing is more thrilling to me than looking at my receipt and seeing a savings of over 50%!  If you’re constantly hitting a wall (and it will happen) don’t get discouraged.  Just keep getting out there and trying.  And, if for whatever reason you couldn’t score that deal that you wanted to get, don’t worry there will be another deal right around the corner.  There always is!

    2. Second, stay cheerful and calm when presenting your coupons to your cashier.

      I have been a cashier and I know what that feeling of pressure feels like when given a huge stack of coupons.  Trust me, it isn’t personal to you.  It’s actually the pressure the cashier gets from the big guys up the corporate ladder.  There are many rules to scanning coupons; they are to be treated like money and must be checked for all signs of fraud and accuracy.  There is so much coupon abuse happening and companies have to constantly be improvising their tactics to avoid these situations.  So just be calm, be cool, and stay collected while they look through the coupons to verify that all their check marks are met.

    3. Third, be mindful of others at checkout.

      If someone is behind you and only has a couple items just let them go before you.  When couponing, always plan for extra time.  Things can get bumpy and that’s okay.  Just remember that you’ll be saving money in the end!

    4. Never be embarrassed for saving money.

      Some of the richest people in this country live a very thrifty life.  It’s a way of living by saving money for bigger and better things.  You could set some goals and milestones and then reward yourself with that new designer purse or those really nice sunglasses, or you could just put the difference in a savings account for the future.  Whatever, your thoughts are for saving, I guarantee you that this is the website for you!

    5. Lastly, I do not condone shelf clearing or coupon abuse.
      I enjoy the thrill of getting a deal planned out before heading to the store and get super excited at the thought that I will score a couple of hot items at an unbelievable price!  Nothing bums me out more than arriving at the store and seeing the shelf was cleared or seeing a couponer come in after me and take all 25 bottles of shampoo that were left!  That is not alright.  Especially now that most coupons have limits and companies have even started implementing household limits because of this abuse.  Please follow the coupon terms and do remember that using coupons against those terms is fraud.

If you do not like this last tip then this site will probably not work for you.  My deals will cater greatly to those of us that only need our normal household supply of shampoo and toothpaste.  Thank you for your understanding!

If you have any questions or concerns, I’m always happy to help!  Reach out to me here!

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